Last Weekend

Chase Browder
I realise it’s Tuesday already but had to comment on the openings from last Friday. First off, Michael Schmelling’s exhibit The Plan at BucketRider gallery blew me away. Michael kept things a bit secret and for good reason. The Plan is a series Michael has been working on that documents a ‘crisis management’ clean up team called the Disaster Masters. Combining OCD and a consumerist psychosis the pictures represent the overwheled apartments and living spaces of people who can simply throw nothing away.
The BFA/BA Columbia Photo exhibit opened as well and some great stuff there as well. Each year seems better and better. Some standouts and people to keep an eye on:
Chase Browder
Heather Johnson
Erin McClellan
Marta Sasinowska
Greg Stimac (mentioned below)
Katie Toscano
Stephanie Willis
John Zychowski

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