'Go paint a bowl of fruit or something'

Sad events at the power of the media and my friends’ attempt to promote himself. As always the thing people miss here is the irresponsible way the media, specifically the NY Daily News, went to lengths to exploit the grief of a national tragedy. Sensatonal headlines sell, and slamming a performance and work by an artist which few actually witnessed or have seen the work, i’m sure gave a nice boost to the GDP. In addition the political careers of a few. I can see it now:
‘Mr. Bloomberg, an artist made a performance mocking the events of 9-11, care to comment?’
and later ‘Governor Patacki, Mr. Bloomberg says this guys a chump, care to weigh in?’
Makes me think how defenseless anyone is from a becoming tomorrows headline. Whether an artist or the Runaway Bride, how can one deal with the weight and barrage of phone calls, not to mention the long line of insults and threats? Several of which showed up here on a previous post on Kerry. Not one intelligent response or criticism, just the usual 4th-grade line of name calling.
People are certainly entitled to agree or not with Kerry’s work, i’ve had many discussions about it with him. But it’s his choice simply. I spent the day along with other helping him document this ‘event’ and not once did we hear any negative responses from any crowd members, that’s not to say his piece isn’t controversial but simply that if you were a witness, you would understand it was far from what the media is presenting it as.


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    They are idiots. Fuck em. I’m glad you were there, and I’m glad Kerry did this. Trib had only factual coverage I could find:


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    Bri – thanks for the article link. I’ve never been a huge fan of his jumping pics, but it’s crazy how it’s escalated into this whole 9/11 thing.

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