1000 Pix

I’ve never taken so many exposures in such a short period as last week. Shooting the Next Fest for Wired magazine, was like covering the olympics with one photographer. From Wed. to Sunday I shot about 1000 exposures using a hasselblad w/ a Phase One digital back. Yes one of those $30,000 ones. Wired rented it and prefered it to speed up the delivery of the images. I’m not really a fan of Hasselblabs’ but once I got used to the it, it wasn’t so bad.
Was very interesting working with the digital back. For some reason the back would not register an image shot below 1/8 of a second so I pretty much had to work with that shutter speed. But all seemed well though I’m not so sure how I can use these files in the future. They are high quality and about 127mb when processed in 16 bit but the last day I had to just bring along the 4×5, seeing a negative from the field camera still seems hugely different than digital (even 30,000 dollars worth). As well, for most of what I am doing in low light, the digital back is generally unforgiving when it comes to shadow detail. I’ll post some details from some large files to compare soon.

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