Some new pictures from backrooms of groceries, thrift stores.
Also an interesting example of 4×5 vs. medium format. With the top 2 being doing w/ my Linhof 4×5. Still a bit new to that camera and it continually amazes me how different a 4×5 sees than smaller cameras, even when lenses are approximately the same focal length.


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    Which linhof are using, and what medium format camera do you use? The work looks really great. I also work between large and medium formats. It is very surprising how the two view so differently.

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    Thanks so much.
    I have an old Technika IV, and a Contax 645. The Linhof has a Schneider 120 lens, the Contax a 55.

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    You really need to slow down. You’re making the rest of us look a little bad.


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    do you know Forced Entertainment?
    There is something about this series that’s incredibly appealing in a Forced Entertainment kind of way…

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    Very nice blog yourself.
    I looked up Forced Entertainment. Which project were you thinking of, they have millions!

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    The particular show was a durational performance called “12am: awake and looking down”. but a lot of their work has this “backstage” thing about them. yes, now i think that’s it: backstage.

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    i like.
    i use 6×7 medium format, but want to shoot 4×5!!!
    nice works!!!

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