Thurs. was Nova opening, and the 118 N. Peoria had a ‘VIP’ event in which Peter Miller graciously installed some of Matt Siber’s, Jon Gitelson’s, and my work. A nice surprise. Nova was also a nice surprise.
Friday I stopped by some of the gallery openings, and Jeff Carter’s show at Kavi Gupta Gallery was probably one of the best things I’ve seen of the past 2 days. Smart, funny and so beautifully crafted. A good swiss inspired time. The Kunsthalle at the VersionFest opened in Bridgeport and I had 120 images arranged into a slide show projected there. Was a bizzare and fun evening. Around 8:00 my projector started making a sound not unlike a boiling kettle. It continued to do this for the next hour, at which point I went home. This thing may have blown up, which would add another nice surprise to the weekend.
Today I head south to Urbana.


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